About Us

Valley Forge Fabrics has been the premier distributor of decorative upholstery fabrics for the hospitality industry
for over 35 years. Valley Forge Fabrics was founded in New York City in 1977. In 1992, Valley Forge Fabrics re-located
its headquarters to Florida within an 18,000 square foot facility located just north of Fort Lauderdale. In
the second half of 2000, due to significant growth, we relocated to a 35,000 square foot facility, effectively
doubling the office area and distribution capabilities.


Valley Forge Fabrics is considered to be the most innovative American distributor in the industry, due to its
progressive approach to Bio-friendly product lines, and use of recyclable materials. For many of its
product lines, Valley Forge Fabrics is the only one in the industry offering environmentally sustainable options.
The company offers a wide range of production and custom designs to our diverse customer base, which
includes United States Government, hotels, cruise lines and assisted living communities. As a family
owned and operated business, Valley Forge Fabrics prides itself on the level of attention and support that our
customers receive. As an organization, we realize that our success depends on the contributions of each
member of our staff, feedback from our customers, and continued motivation to be an industry leader
at the forefront of design and application.


Valley Forge Fabrics has an extensive background in fabrics, linens, bedding, curtains, and all other finished
product applications for cloth and fabrics of all variations and specifications. The current facility
enables Valley Forge Fabrics to keep accounting and quality personnel on-site, and allows for strict control on
accounting practices, and standardizes quality control and safety measures on-site.


Valley Forge Fabrics maintains a high level of quality control and performance for all of the products we
supply to our customers. Valley Forge Fabrics maintains a high standard for all of our products, with all
production standards being met prior to sending any order to the customer. Those production samples
are then evaluated by Valley Forge Fabrics to look for potential flaws with a plan of action put in place to maintain
continuity of supply into the future.