Sustainable Textile Overview

Vision of Sustainability

FRESH® . . . Our Sustainability Mission

Sustainabilty Scorecard

Valley Forge Fabrics and MindClick SGM deliver the first 360° sustainability scorecard to the hospitality industry.

FRESH® Defined

F.R.E.S.H.® Fabrics Redefining Environmental Standards (for) Hospitality®: The trademark owned by Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc.

Journey to FRESH®

The Valley Forge Fabrics FRESH® Initiative: The Journey Towards Sustainability

Our FRESH® Initiative

The FRESH® initiative has changed our company culture and become a guiding light for our continued decision making and growth.

Reclamation Program

Valley Forge Fabrics will pick up FRESH® fabrics from the property loading dock and deliver them to one of our fabric recyclers.

Book Recommendations

In our continued journey toward being FRESH® - we have read as much as possible as quickly as possible, searching for information on various aspects of sustainability.

FRESH® Bedding

Valley Forge Fabrics' established reclamation program will now include FRESH® bedding fabrics.