FRESH® Bedding

Valley Forge Fabrics' established reclamation program will now include FRESH® bedding fabrics. High thread count, supple hand and innovative clarity will put this bedding on the desired list of of every Specifier and hotel guest. An innovative feature of the FRESH® bedding fabrics specifically is that these products are the first 100% post consumer recycled polyester products to feel like cotton. This makes them extremely attractive to the hospitality industry.

FRESH® bedding will be stocked in 17 designs all in white. Custom patterns and colors are available.

According to Diana Dobin, President of Valley Forge Fabrics, "Hotels traditionally discard their duvets and other bedding fabrics every 18 months. In addition to these products protecting natural resources by being made of 100% recycled materials, the fabric manufacturing process uses only half the energy that more typical non recycled products require."

We view recyclable bedding programs as vital - this recycling will literally save millions of pounds of fabrics from entering landfills after use. Having a recycled and recyclable bedding fabric program together will obviously divert even greater amounts of fabric from simply being thrown away.

Made possible by our large, established customer base, Valley Forge Fabrics's FRESH® products are changing the way the hospitality industry considers and deals with what once was considered "waste". FRESH® products are identified as recyclable through our established fabric reclamation program by the 'recycle symbol F' on every FRESH® product. (see symbol at left)

The life expectancy of upholstery fabrics in a hotel guest room is 5 - 7 years, while bedding fabrics are usually changed every 18 months. So the effect of FRESH® product is millions and millions of yards per year and our company's economic viability is secured by the critical mass of rooms in the marketplace already. FRESH® products are manufactured to last longer than traditional materials. This extended life cycle will save hotels money if they choose to extend the design of their rooms.

Potentially, we see every guest room as a FRESH® room.

The USGBC's LEED certification green building program is recognized as the paramount guideline of environmental building protocol in the USA. FRESH® bedding products may contribute towards LEED points under various LEED systems. Specific review, decision and determination must be made on a project to project basis with leadership from the project team for pursuing those Credits which would be reasonable within the specific project scope. The following information can be used as a guide towards understanding how FRESH bedding products may contribute towards achieving points that could add up to achieve LEED certification by the USGBC:

FRESH® Bedding Fabrics may contribute to LEED EB: O&M Materials and Resources Credit 1, 7 MR 1 – Sustainable Purchasing – Ongoing Consumables

FRESH® Bedding Fabrics may contribute to LEED EB v 2.0 Materials and Resources Credit 1.1, 1.2, 2.1-2.5 MR 1.1, 1.2 – Construction, Demolition and Renovation Waste Management MR 2.1-2.5 – Optimize Use of Alternative Materials

The above information is for guidance and by no means verifies that FRESH® bedding fabrics will contribute towards LEED points within the various LEED Systems. Specific review, decision and determination must be made on a project to project basis with leadership from the team pursuing those Credits which would be reasonable within the project scope.