Our FRESH® Initiative

Our FRESH® initiative: Originally, what started as market curiosity spurred by customer interest and concern for the environment, developed into what we now call our FRESH® initiative. What began as a focus on products, FRESH® has spread its way into everything that we do. Valley Forge Fabrics is a company that now operates in all arenas with not only profits and people in mind, but the environment as well. From products to energy use to recycling, our planet is considered in every decision that we make. As the world's leading supplier of decorative fabrics to the hospitality industry, Valley Forge Fabrics not only has the responsibility, but the influence to make sustainability a possibility for other companies worldwide.

At this time there are no mandated or even recommended environmental regulations for textiles. FRESH® was born in 2007 from the knowledge we gathered during two years of comprehensive research and quickly became a company wide self-initiated program. Our research moved from a focus simply on our products to a much larger focus that includes our own production processes and operating impact. Our motivation and passion for FRESH® comes from a combination of what the environmental reality is - and what Valley Forge Fabrics can do to help.

We realized quickly after our research began that Valley Forge Fabrics had a responsibility to make the greatest environmental impact that we possibly could both in our products, our processes, and the hospitality industry as a whole. The FRESH® initiative has changed our company culture and become a guiding light for our continued decision making and growth. Valley Forge Fabrics is dedicated to pioneering new methods to reduce our effect on the environment. We will re-define our methods each year and select new goals to ensure that we never stop seeking a better environmental path, both in our products and our processes, and in our daily lives.

FRESH®...seeking a better environmental path as we move into the future.