Sustainabilty Scorecard

Valley Forge Fabrics and MindClick SGM deliver the first 360° sustainability scorecard to hospitality industry

Valley Forge Fabrics, the leading sustainable textile source for the hospitality and lodging industry, has built a solid reputation by delivering the highest quality of service and value to the industry.

Recognizing customer demand for sustainable products, the company sought to further improve its service by establishing a transparent, ongoing sustainability performance measurement method. Going beyond the limitations of traditional sustainability evaluations which measure energy, water and waste only, Valley Forge Fabrics turned to MindClick SGM for a comprehensive assessment including product sustainability, corporate social responsibility and core business performance.

Earning one of the highest scores ever issued by MindClick SGM, Valley Forge Fabrics achieved an overall score of 3.90 out of a possible 5.00 – reflecting the strong sustainability performance of their products and outstanding evaluations from their customers.

MindClick SGM’s Sustainability Scorecard™ provides a quantifiable, independent measurement of the sustainability performance of a company's products, operations, corporate social responsibility initiatives and brand, along with employee and customer engagement and satisfaction. Created through a 360º Green Audit that includes direct customer feedback, the MindClick SGM Sustainability Scorecard provides Valley Forge Fabrics with meaningful performance measurements critical to driving business growth and product development.

By giving customers a comprehensive, independent, quantifiable way of evaluating a company’s sustainability performance – MindClick SGM’s Sustainability Scorecard™ promotes the acceptance, understanding and adoption of sustainability throughout the hospitality industry.

360° Green Audit: People, Planet, Profit building a Sustainable Future for Hospitality. Reduce your Footprint