Sustainable Bedding Overview

Introducing TENCEL+PLUS™ Lyocell

LIVING FRESH® is an exotic blend of cotton or polyester, mixed with Tencel+Plus™Lyocell fiber from Eucalyptus.

Viscose Rayon (Bamboo) vs. TENCEL+PLUS™ Lyocell (Eucalyptus)

Viscose Rayon (Bamboo) is NOT Tencel+Plus™Lycoell (Eucalyptus)

Created from Nature

We are happy to introduce a new healthy environmental breakthrough in bedding and linens - fiber from Eucalyptus trees.

For your well being

The choice to blend cotton, which is the most desirable fiber for luxury bedding applications, with eucalyptus fiber is an innovative choice that has had astounding results.

TENCEL+PLUS™ Lyocell fun facts

Tencel+Plus™Lyocell absorbs moisture and releases it away from the body.